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Hardy Mom

With 7 kids ages 10-32 and multiple health challenges, Jen's got a unique perspective on how to live well and get things done, even when it's tough.


How does that help you? She shares her tips and tricks that she's learned over those years - what really works and what doesn’t - because you  want to focus your energy where it makes the most impact. As a Catholic Mom, she’s learned that a focus on faith is important to living a quality life, and it’s important she shares how to incorporate that into daily living.


Whether you’ve got physical challenges, like migraines, diabetes, fibromyalgia etc. or you’re struggling through anxiety or depression, Jen can help you live well. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word Hardy means: "robust; capable of enduring difficult conditions.” And that's what we are, Hardy Moms. Want more? Go to and check out the latest episodes and more!


Welcome and God Bless!

Mar 21, 2018

I do not condone the killing of actual people. But this image we have of supermom has got to go! She is damaging our physical and emotional well being!

What we need to do:

*Let our perfection go

*Accept "Good Enough"

*Create our own version of Real Mom to replace supermom

*Set realistic expectations for ourselves

*Take time for ourselves

*Find people we can exchange help with to make our lives easier

*Accept ourselves, just as we are

My advice for moms with health issues: Accept yourself right now, the way you are.
My superpower is: I'm changing the world, one chronically ill mom at a time

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