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Welcome and God Bless!

Nov 29, 2018

"When I was in the hospital I didn't have that role model" (amputees, or people in a wheelchair).."and that's what I've been trying to be for other people."  Kirstie Ennis  

If you haven't heard of Kirstie Ennis, here's a quick introduction (you can learn more here: 

Kirstie Ennis is redefining beautiful. When you look at her picture, you know right away Kirstie is a beautiful woman, but she doesn't always feel that way. You might not notice the scars on her face, or her prosthetic leg, but Kirstie does.

"The injury doesn't define me but it's absolutely a part of who I am."

Kirstie grew up as an strong and attractive young woman. Her parents were both Marines, and she joined the Marines at at 17, wanting to help others. Kirstie was a helicopter gunner who served in two deployments. During her second deployment, her helicopter was shot down.
Kirstie suffered a traumatic brain injury, injuries to her spine, face, brain, and shoulders, and her left leg. She's had over 40 surgeries since then. The most difficult for Kirstie was an above the knee amputation of her left leg.

"I needed to see myself as someone who could be sexy, or be attractive...Now I want to show other people that they can do it for themselves too."

As someone who had always been active, the healing process has been difficult for her, and one year after the accident, she lost hope. Fortunately, after a talk with her dad, Kirstie found new motivation, and has kept moving forward ever since. Kirstie says she's accomplished things she'd never imagined since her accident, and she can't wait to see what the future holds.

I was lucky to catch up with Kirstie and have a great conversation about disability, beauty, and what she's doing to change the way people view both.

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