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With 7 kids ages 10-32 and multiple health challenges, Jen's got a unique perspective on how to live well and get things done, even when it's tough.


How does that help you? She shares her tips and tricks that she's learned over those years - what really works and what doesn’t - because you  want to focus your energy where it makes the most impact. As a Catholic Mom, she’s learned that a focus on faith is important to living a quality life, and it’s important she shares how to incorporate that into daily living.


Whether you’ve got physical challenges, like migraines, diabetes, fibromyalgia etc. or you’re struggling through anxiety or depression, Jen can help you live well. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word Hardy means: "robust; capable of enduring difficult conditions.” And that's what we are, Hardy Moms. Want more? Go to and check out the latest episodes and more!


Welcome and God Bless!

Dec 12, 2018

Is the holiday season a time of joy, or do you wish it could just all be over already? You don't have to suffer through the holidays!

1. Set boundaries. You don't have to have Aunt Edna stay with you for two weeks over the holidays if she upsets you and/or your family. She can stay in a with other family, a hotel, or her own home.

2. Eat what makes you feel good. No, ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner isn't the best choice unless you've just gotten your tonsils out, but start enjoying your food.

3. Bring foods you can eat to events. Sure, gluten-free, dairy-free cookies taste different, but at least you'll have something on the buffet line.

4. Sit down with the people you love and discuss holiday expectations. This includes your kids. A ten minute conversation now can save hours of frustration on the big day.

5. Change things up! Just because your family has done something for 50 years doesn't mean you have to do it if you are uncomfortable.

6. Create family traditions. #5 doesn't mean you need to ditch everything you've ever done before. Keep the traditions that give you joy. Tweak traditions you kind of like to make them your own.

7. Do as much, OR AS LITTLE, as you like.

8. Take time for yourself. Don't have any extra time? Make some. You're a grown up, and you really can take time for you when you need it. 

Create a new Holiday for yourself! Here's how we're doing that with Festivus:

  1. Only inviting our kids, keeping it small
  2. No cooking, we're ordering Chinese take-out
  3. We're creating family picture books that include a note from each person to have when we're apart
  4. We made t-shirts to commemorate the date
  5. We've talked to everyone to make see which parts of holidays they like so we're all comfortable, happy, and full of joy

Are you creating joy this holiday season? Share how at

Thank you for joining me today! 

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