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Welcome and God Bless!

Mar 28, 2018

Today I'm talking with Diana Collins of The Always With Me Foundation

Diana Collins is many things! Mother to two girls, wife to her best friend Daniel, PPD survivor and postpartum doula. She was simply living life as it came to and never really dealt with any of her bad emotions until she got her big awakening when she lost her best friend, Sabrina to Postpartum depression.

She was sitting in that lonely hospital bed after yet another suicide attempt, and vowed to Sabrina that she will make sure no more mothers will have to struggle alone! When she made that commitment, The Always with Me Foundation was founded and has been helping mothers everywhere! Her passion is to educate everyone about maternal mental illness and break the stigma!

The signs of post-partum depression:
Feeling severely sad
Feeling hopeless
Sleep loss
Suicidal thoughts
Not motivated
Feelings of being worthless

If you need help:
Go to to find a local support group
Talk to the people around you & let them know you need support
Don't be ashamed. Many moms are struggling with the same thing. You are not alone

Diana's advice for moms with post-partum depression:
Let go of that guilt
Let yourself be vulnerable
Let yourself reach out to people who get it

Diana's superpower is: Healing
She's doing some AMAZING things with The Always With Me Foundation.
Check it out at

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